Ranjeet Rajwada

Ranjeet Rajwada

Rank: # Top 05,  Season: 2010, Team: Daler Mehndi

Ranjeet Rajwada is a ghazal singer from Jaipur, Rajasthan, who stunned everyone by his mature singing at a tender age of 18. Ranjeet Rajwada got the quality of ghazal singing from his father. Ranjeet Rajwada impressed judges of Zee Saregamapa Singing Superstar and they called him for mega audition without any second thought.

Ranjeet Rajwada was seleceted in Zee Saregamapa Singing Superstar from Mumbai audition, by singing a ghazal. Father of Ranjeet Rajwada is also a ghazal singer. Mother of Ranjeet Rajwada revealed that he used to sit with his father during program right from the age of 5-6 years. In mega audition Ranjeet Rajwada was selected among top 18 contestant of Zee Saregamapa Singing Superstar 2010 with a promise that in gala rounds of Zee Saregamapa Singing Superstar he will show his ability in singing other than ghazals.


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  • Suraj Datkar says:

    Hey, he is a great singer…!
    Just marvellous……….

  • ayantika.mondal says:

    soulful voice, excellent song selection and very impressive expressions enlightens evry soul as u perform… bravo ranjeet go ahead. all d vry best to u…

  • Milini club says:

    more awards, more appriciation doesn’t mean that you are going in a correct direction…. more criticism makes a peron perfect.

    Apart from Gazal… try some other classy songs like tere bina zindagi ( aandhi) and proof your self as Mr Vishal Dadlani said you on 18.09.2010.

  • ayantika.mondal says:

    U r versatile & u’ve proved it … go ahead ranjeet win it. One little advise don’t give more thoughts to ur dancing wen u sing out of ur genre. u r alrdy have tremendous presence. U rock it alwys!!! may God bless you!!!

  • abhi_0777 says:

    Keep on Vishal ….You are a good learner ….I can easily see that you are following Himesh Reshmia to promote your team.You have targeted Kamal Khan …and you are promoting him like anything….

    You know that Ranjeet is exceptional singer and can not be compared with any of other contestants …

    But Kamal can only win if you say bad words for Ranjeet in every episode…
    I remember that same thing Himesh was doing for Aunik and Vashali ..He was criticizing Raja in every episode..

    Are you guys getting lots of money if your team member will win?

  • subodh says:

    Ranjit u r very much talented..Your very very open. Every type of song matches on you.your are so easy ,hence typical.. I wish you all the bests.

  • neal.kundu15 says:

    u have good voice. I m ur big fan.keep d up

  • ayantika.mondal says:

    Hey I’m a big fan of your singing and I want you to win this competition… You were the best all this time but now you ‘ve a strong competitor in Farid Hassan so u’ve to perform even better now. I know that you can. So, All the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • riyaz says:

    Ranjit Rajwada is a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat singer
    paara paara song a nice song, singing by Ranjit Rajwada

  • abhi_0777 says:

    Guys …vote for this super talent Ranjeeet …and try to ruin all the strategies of new Himesh Reshamia(Vishal from Hit) to make Kamal Winner….

  • abhi_0777 says:

    Ranjeet ..be prepared ..I am expecting Gulam Ali after some time….You may also want to give your best shot in front of him…

    Vishal(Himesh) . I hope you will not try to keep Gulam ali away from this stage…:-)

    One more thing ..keep your best gazals for finals…

  • jyoshna says:

    Ranjeet you are the best you are a winner in my opinion. Sing one of Rafis ghazals which I know you can pull off which no one is touching and all the best to you.

    • jamil says:

      Ranjeet your one of the best Ghazals singar at this Time i have request plz if you can sing this song from attaullah khan idhar zindagi ka janaza utega bye Jamil from Afghanistan

  • Vijay says:

    Hi Ranjeet, I know you sing only Ustad Ghulam Ali’s gazals and sign them well ! But now that you are already acclaimed for that, why do you want to limit yourself only to limit to his gazals only ? I understand you are highly inspired by a great gazal maestro like Ustad Ghulam Ali sahab. Do not take it in a wrong way, but do you want to be his duplicate ? Like in films, Shahrukh’s “duplicate” or dummy artist cannot be used for Akshay Kumar ! You should be a great gazal singer who sings great gazals (of anyone).

    I would love to hear from you Hariharan’s “Main khayal hun kisi aur ka” and “Mareez-e-ishq ka kya hai”.

    All the best !

  • Kalpesh bakotiya says:

    Ranjeet You are marvellous singer. i had listen all your performances. i like all very much…..

    my favourite of your are “Ab Kahan Hoon”,”Chupke Chupke”,”Para para”,”Dil ye pagal dil mera”

    all are super performances….

    GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!

    you are going to win titel……..

  • Ranjana says:

    Ranjeet you are the best singer who has got very soft soothing voice. You are out of this all worldly competition, God bless you. Keep your great singing and achieve the highest goal to reach to people’s heart. You are the real winner.

  • Mu says:

    SAREGAMAPA stage will not be same after your depart.
    Half the charm of the show will be gone with you.

    Love you Ranjit.. Will mis you a lot.

    Wish you all the best in life!

  • KIM says:

    the sa re ga ma pa stage will not be the same without you Ranjeet!! You are a great singer, and deserved to have been there till the very end, we are very sad that you were eliminated so early in the contest. DON’T GIVE UP HOPE! you are capable of winning anything, when you sing we experience and see true Indian culture, u are a talented boy and for ur age an amazing singer :) keep up the good work, we will miss u! One day you will be like be a very famous ghazil singer, wish you all the best in the future.

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